Creative Arts Emmy Awards kicks of the reel where all the hoopla was coming on at the EMMY AWARDS! Wow! What a bunch of drama! Bryan Cranston kissed Julia Louis-Dreyfus! And “Crazy Eyes pees on the floor” audition speech! From Tennis with Dave Letterman, this reel has it all!

Legendary announcer Don Pardy has passed away — the former announcer for Sketch Comedy — retiree from NBC — and Saturday Night Live announcer was 96 when he passed away peacefully.

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Pierce Brosnan sighting with the launch of his new movie called The November Man which is a classic spy movie, putting Mr. Bond, er, Brosnan back into the spy game.

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Celebrity News First

This week’s celebrity sites have been too hot to trot so you will just have to watch the video, then watch it a few more times to catch some of the elusive sightings!

Celebrity News First

The November Man is a spy thriller film based on the novel There Are No Spies by Bill Granger, which is canonically the seventh installment in “The November Man” series of books, published in 1987. It stars Pierce Brosnan, Luke Bracey, and Olga Kurylenko with the screenplay written by Michael Finch and Karl Gajdusek. The film is directed by Roger Donaldson, known for his most notable works Species, The Recruit and The Bank Job. He previously worked with Brosnan in Dante’s Peak. Beau St. Clair once again teams up with Brosnan to co-produce the film. Celebrity News First

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Jessica Mazo, the Fashion One correspondent, interviews Jessica Minh Anh at the new New York World Trade Center. The show features 8 collections from 8 different countries, and signifies the openness and symbolic tribute to peace and freedom, which the tower is dedicated to.

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 1.06.44 PM
World Trade Center Fashion Show

The collections span the globe and include 4 continents, making the pieces very eclectic. Jessica Minh Anh talks about how the catwalk message is about cultural integration and connecting talents from a variety of backgrounds and all their varied uniqueness. It is the new symbol of hope and peace at the New One World Trade Center. Jessica Minh Anh is very happy about the show, and she is not the only one bubbling about the event.
Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 1.06.49 PM
World Trade Center Fashion Show

Stephanie Koutikas who is running some aspects of the marketing for the event, as well as has a full makeup makeup team that will be doing all the makeup at the event is also very excited. Jessica Minh Anh is wearing a braided tower of hair that also speaks to the interconnectedness theme. For all the inside information on the event, the behind the scenes interviews, and makeup tips, make sure to watch the video:

World Trade Center Fashion Show

Paris Hilton is currently back in Ibiza doing her #foamanddiamonds party and offering the chance to win tickets to her show. Albeit, there isn’t much of a window for the contest, she may consider giving the winning contestant a little time to catch a flight and come to party!



Paris loves to party and is having an awesome summer in Ibiza again, doing her #foamanddiamonds party. Here is a short video of Paris rocking Barcelona!

We are given the most recent in Fashion News First from Fashion One, where the gorgeous Tiffany Shultz presents us with the top stories. Barbie, the fashion doll from manufacturer Mattel Incorporated has entered agreements with American brands Wildfox, Forever 21 and Lord & Taylor for new ready to wear collaborations. These fashion lines will be hitting the stores by November for ready to buy Christmas Barbies, as Barbie hopes to continue being the most popular selling doll in history.

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 5.10.54 PM
Lara Stone is the star of the American rock duo The Black Key’s latest video for their single ‘Weight of Love’ from their album, ‘Turn Blue’. Lara is shown here:

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Fashion News First

Marc Jacob’s London base tweet shop, where the currency is social media not cash, has officially opened and offers items in trade for “Tweets”. This is only one of the latest marketing strategies used by fashion designers as a way to get their brand names into the world wide web. While going beyond conventional contests, this ploy by Marc is a new twist on conventional marketing. Also included in their contest is a handbag giveaway for the best photo:

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 5.12.08 PM

Anna Wintour is the subject of Ryan Raftery Is the Most Powerful Woman in Fashion, and premiered last August 11 to a sold out audience. Kate Spade and Co. shares jumps as much as 12% in early trading after beating early quarter estimates and raising its annual company forecast as sales increased more than 50% last quarter.

Celine Dion has announced that she’s postponing her shows indefinitely because of health and family reasons, including her husband René Angélil’s battle with cancer and her recovery from a condition that causes an inflammation of her throat muscle.

For all your Fashion News First, watch the video and make sure to visit our site for weekly coverage, or follow Fashion One on Youtube.

Fashion News First

Nicki Minaj Wardrobe Malfunction VMAs
There is more than one way to get media attention these days, and as Nicki Minaj deploys, one of the best ways is to spoof a wardrobe malfunction. The pop-singer who recently performed at the Video Music Awards was seen on stage performing in an awkward fashion as she struggled to keep her dress together. While performing, she still managed to maneuver back and forth across the stage, while using both hands to clutch her dress.

Nicki Minaj Dress Malfunction VMAs

Nicki Minaj Dress Malfunction VMAs

Nicki Minaj Wardrobe Malfunction VMAs

Her backup dancers, who were also wearing racy outfits made the scene look quite haphazard as Nicki paraded around. The media is having a heyday with this as viewers are commenting that this ploy has been seen by Nicki in previous shows, and some critics are saying that the rehearsal for the show was also done with Nicki having the same dress issues.

Whatever the story behind this is, it sure seems to have received a lot of attention from viewers and fans. While the dress may have malfunctioned, it has yet to be seen whether any flashes of nudity were exposed, or whether this was all part of the show. As one critic suggested, if it was a zipper that never got tended to, why didn’t she just zip it back up? Well, cheers for keeping it interesting Nicki! ;)

Nicki Minaj Wardrobe Malfunction VMAs

Quentin Veron Fur, Feathers, Fashion
We caught up with the Parisian artist and designer Quentin Veron at the Tunis Fashion Week and were able to get his take on fashion and style. His showcased collection at Tunis Fashion Week is a combination of three of his historical collections, each with their own motif.

Quentin Veron Fur, Feathers, Fashion

Quentin Veron Fur, Feathers, Fashion

The first collection is a combination of black and white, and plays on shadows and light, and is an expression of how the volume of the materials is expressed in various lighting conditions. The material is a combination of fur, feather, and leather, making for a traditionally inspired collection that also draws thematic inspiration from Tim Burton’s Movie Beetlejuice.

The second collection that the Tunis show uses is a gold inspired collection that uses fox fur, goat fur, feathers, and is drawn from bohemian and gypsy style fashions representative of early Notre Dame.

Black — The third collection that goes into the Tunis Fashion Week collection is inspired by Edgar Allen Poe’s Poem “The Raven”: and uses all black materials. This Quentin Veron Fur, Feathers, Fashion line is gothic, dark, and beastly.

Quentin Veron makes all the materials in his Paris workshop. To see more of this Quentin Veron Fur, Feathers, Fashion line, watch the video.

Quentin Veron Fur, Feathers, Fashion

This Mouna Ben Braham Cherif video, showcased in Tunis, Tunisia, at the Fashion Week show gives viewers a sneak peek at some really intricate patterns and designs from Mouna Ben Braham Cherif. The Mouna Ben Braham Cherif video, which is in French, provides viewers with an interview with Mouna Ben Braham Cherif, and views from some truly exceptional pieces in fashion. The haute couture line features a range of bright traditional Tunisian colored items in red, gold, green, and draws on a heavily eastern influence.

Mouna Ben Braham Cherif

Mouna Ben Braham Cherif

Also included in the Mouna Ben Braham Cherif line is a range of sexy and elegant bridal pieces that are one of a kind wedding gowns. These gowns are some of the most beautiful dresses I have seen in this category, and even if you don’t understand French, the video is a must-watch if you like stylish and elegant wedding gowns. The gowns and dresses are tight, body-hugging pieces that are good for both small and large chested women, and offer a range of cleavage options for that special day. Also included in the more formal gown line are some ballroom style dresses with large princess styles, and other frills, lace, crystal and shimmer fabrics.

Mouna Ben Braham Cherif

Mouna Ben Braham Cherif

For the complete view of the Mouna Ben Braham Cherif line, watch the video:

Mouna Ben Braham Cherif

Are you ready to see one of the most inspirational lines at the Tunisia Fashion Week show? Christine Phung, who has been attending the Tunis, Tunisia fashion week events since their inception, has progressed infinitely in her style and design. One of the things that separates Christine from the pack is her ability to design pieces along a central motif. Rather than moving across a range of various polarities, she manages to work within the tenets of her goals and deliver an exceptional style that is truly unique.

Christine Phung Tunis

Christine Phung Tunis

Christine Phung is interviewed in this video by Fashion One correspondent and is inspired by the light of the sun going through water which is what this line focuses on. Have you ever seen a ray of the sun sparkling through water? Or looked up from underwater to see the rays of the sun dancing on the ripples? IT is with this picture in mind that Christine Phung dedicates this line. She achieves her goal by working with the visual rays of the sun and how it creates layered patterns on water, then applies these to a range of shiny fabrics.

She discusses how looking at the water and its interaction with sunlight is central to life, and how a body moving through the water is a beautiful sensation that becomes the medium for the message. The fabrics are made from shiny materials and the water is used as the central motif.

Christine says it is very interesting to have a very different, exciting medium to work with, and her new lines which is already being sold in some shops worldwide is being received well. Moving forward she is planning to develop her new line, that focuses on the “Jungle Spirit”, she explains, without letting the “cat” out of the bag.

Christine Phung Tunis

Christine Phung Tunis

She provides advice for upcoming, new and yearning designers to keep in touch with reality, but don’t hold back your creative fire and passion, and that it is important to maintain a strong balance in life, much like her fire and water fashion line accentuates.

Marion discusses how she gets involved with the film Two Days One Night, including her preparation for how she engages herself to prepare for each role. She explains how her personal life changed her approach to the roles, but she is able to find the right balance by finding the right fit, although their is a lot of difficulty in making the balance come together sometimes.

The Two Days One Night Movie Premiere was held in the UK, at a red carpet gala where Marion posed in a stylish black dress accentuating her dark hair and impressive eye makeup. The dress had a tight-fitting neck and chest area with loose mock shoulders presenting a rather contrasted look. See it for yourself in the Two Days One Night Movie Premiere video:

There is an Yves Saint Laurent Dress for everyone, and after 42 years making his line one of the best in the world, Yves Saint Laurent has decided to step back from the brand that made him famous. Establishing himself in Paris, which he still believes is the “City Of Light”, Yves recalls how fashion became a part of his life and identity. How the 42 years in the industry connected him to the world, its people, and the everything in his life.

The video is inspirational and offers the words in both French straight from Yves during the interview, but also has the words translated for English viewers. Some of the best items from his lines are showcased, so be prepared to feast your eyes on some of the best pieces in fashion.

As Yves Saint Laurent ends his career, this prominent designer organised a retrospective fashion show at the Centre Pompidou in Paris featuring his life’s work as a designer and key fashion moments contributed in the fashion industry with a live screen broadcast outside the show venue. Titled as “Departure of Yves Saint Laurent”, watch his amazing recollection on how he started out in the fashion industry and his exclusive interview, sighting how he perfects his style that marks the Yves Saint Laurent’s fashion contribution.

Do you know who Lucy Hale is? Do you love the clothing line Hollister? Hollister is one of the most mainstream, popular brands in North America, and is one of the more affordable brands sold across a variety of stores. While not considered high fashion per se, it is still pushing its stylistic and creative elements in new directions with the new Lucy Hale Hollister.

Take a look at this video where we are given some details about the Lucy Hale Hollister program. We are taken to Los Angeles for the kick off of the Lucy Hale Hollister fashion line. When Fashion One interviews Lucy Hale, they are given the details of how a more popular, mainstream brand like Hollister works with front-page models like Lucy Hale. Lucy explains that the company asked her to make decisions about the style in the line by adding or removing certain elements, as well a changing other styles and designs.

Lucy Hale is very excited in this video as she explains how she is still very surprised at her fame as an actress as people wait in line to see and meet her at the Lucy Hale Hollister event. She is sporting a lace skirt and presents herself quite well in front of her new clothing line. Make sure to watch the short video to get the details live about Lucy Hale Hollister.

Have you ever wondered what it is like to go backstage at a fashion show? How about a Topman London Backstage Fashion Show? Well, you can stop holding your breath because you are about to get the experience of a lifetime as we head behind the scenes to see what is really going on at the Topman London Backstage Fashion Show.

Stephanie Rycraft Jones brings us to the Topman London Backstage Fashion Show where we are getting an introduction into a 70s inspired 90s clubbing looks. The diversity ranges from the bowl cuts, parting, messy hair, and just a collection of various hairstyles.

The look is quite minimal with the male models. Some of the features include basic darkening, with invisible contours and some slight additions to accentuate the normal look. There are also some tips on how to prep for the fashion show as we are given a range of various interviews with TV producers, first-timer male models like Charlie Cooper who gives his two cents on being a first timer, and some of the stylists and designers.

Some of the pieces in the collection at the Topman London Backstage Fashion Show include flare jeans, hippy florals, psychedelics and Jinbei Kimonos Topman design pieces.

Watch the Topman London Backstage Fashion Show NOW!

Are you ready for one of the most bizarre weeks in celebrity fashion news? This last week was a doozy with more action than we could keep our thumb on, but after a ton or globetrotting we managed to compile the world’s news into this short little celebrity fashion news reel. Tiffany Shultz is wearing her hair down this week and has it volumized, giving her an extremely fresh and pleasant look, while wearing an aztec patterned dress with a traditional wild west American tassel for a neckpiece.

She starts us off with the New York City Ballet group, which is one of the richest organizations in New York, as it teams up with fashion designers and models for its Fall Gala. Then we get a sneak peek at Victoria Beckham and her stylish attire in a few snapshots as she plans to take some of her most cherished clothing pieces and accessories from her own closet wardrobe and put them up for sale since they are truly amazing pieces. Victoria looks stunning with her short cropped hair and cleavage accentuating dresses and some women may be hard pressed to fit into the outfits that go for sale since Victoria has an extremely modelesque profile.

In designer fashion news, Prada’s sales have declined in the tilting European market as the elite designer brand may have some items simply out of scope for people who cannot afford the luxury brand handbags and purses. However, they plan to continue to revamp their efforts in cost-cutting and strategy going forward to increase value for shareholders.

MAC cosmetics, one of the biggest cosmetic lines in the world is getting Brooke Shields to run with their line, giving Brooke a new palette of colors and styles to increase her already beautiful look.

Amal Alamuddin and George Clooney are tying the knot, and Clooney has confirmed that he will be spiffed up in Armani for the big day. There are rumors about Amal being pregnant, but this celebrity gossip has not been confirmed. However, there have been some images floating around that Amal may have a baby bump, and hence the reason for their marriage. Then again, who can question love and marriage? Especially such a beautiful couple as the intelligent and gorgeous Amal and handsome and charming George! Look out David and Victoria Beckham, we now have a new celebrity super couple! Atta boy George! For all the hottest gossip and celebrity fashion news make sure to watch the video:

Are you a soccer, or football lover? How about an up-to-speed fashion know-it-all? If you answered yes to either of those questions, then you have no doubt heard of David and Victoria Beckham. In fact, unless you have been in a cave somewhere since the Stoned Age, then you probably have heard of David and Victoria Beckham. However, in case you haven’t, here’s a quick update.

David Beckham is one of the best football, or soccer players in the history of the sport. His net worth is approximately 300 million according to some estimates and played for the Manchester United Football club for nine seasons.

David and Victoria Beckham

David and Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham, formerly known as Posh Spice from the Spice Girls is married to David Beckham, making them one of the richest celebrity couples. Victoria, who launched her own fashion label has brought her and David into the spotlight with her range of men and women’s fashion goods, making the Beckham name worth a billion dollars.

To see this super couple on the red carpet, their hairstyles, and how they present themselves, make sure to watch this amazing celebrity spotlight video:

Lady Gaga is heading to Australia after having an awesome Lady Gaga Rave Show in Seoul, Korea and other stops along her Lady Gaga Rave Show tour. Her new album #artpop is taking the world by storm and has a ton of excellent dance beats and rave tracks. Along the way on the Lady Gaga Rave Show tour, she made sure to have some alcohol and hit the tattoo shop for some piercing action. She loves the feel of cold steel and needles! What a monster trooper!

Here is her selfie with her goth makeup on:

Lady Gaga Korea

Lady Gaga Korea

In other news, her batwing dog is patiently awaiting her return from tour to have some TLC and quality time. Look at the little thing kicking back on the sofa chair! How cute!

Lady Gaga's BatDog

Lady Gaga’s BatDog

Lady Gaga is also coming out with a new release with Tony Bennett called Anything Goes and is sure to make fans all over the world go GaGa For more details make sure to hit up the Gaga page at

Have you heard of Sanquanz Street-Style? Well, it is time you get familiar with them, as they have recently presented their new line at the GQ show. The designer Shangguan Zhe completely reinvents the concept of futuristic fashion by blending elements of fantasy and street-style into one. While watching the video, I felt like I was being subjected to a range of pinkish school boy outfits, or some traditional chinese gang attire, but was only more surprised when the real-life zombie outfits with Anime eye patch models came out. It also looked like some of the props were inspired by DragonBallZ characters!

sanquanz GQ monster hands

sanquanz GQ monster hands

The Zombie hands were large, extremely large, and over accentuated the outfits, but worked great as props to highlight the black on white skeletal designs and other morbid outfits. Then the black and white zombie outfits turned into Anime styles as the hands began to turn fluorescent and the models began to look more elvish.

Would I wear any of these outfits? I liked the silk and satin looking suit scrubs at the start of the video for their comfort levels and their weightlessness. I think these have a lot of merit on hot summer days at the beach and could also double as sporty martial arts kimono style suits. The designs were well developed, offering a radical perspective to the street-style, while also some more sophisticated school-boy uniform outfits to contrast with the Sanquanz Street-Style.

An extremely diverse and unique collection put Sanquanz Street-Style at the top in creativity and fun in Sanquanz Street-Style!

As Ellie continues her international tour, she found time to make a few stops along the way as she posted some photos of the Great Wall of China to her ellie goulding instagram account . Ellie is feeling truly special as she experiences some new things on her Asia leg of the tour.

With just a few weeks to go, she seems excited for “Life After Tour”, which can be a promising outlook for many artists who get jet lagged and bogged down by all the travel. However, Ellie remains in good spirits and seems to be weathering the world tour well as she manages to stay active and take in the sights and sounds.

Check out this video of her song Beating Heart:

Ellie continues to bless and impress with her hot sounds as she rocks the globe. The featured song listed above was also included in the soundtrack to Divergent, a movie that had strong success in the box office. We expect Ellie to continue to produce and grow as an artist with new and more exciting ranges on the musical spectrum being created by her disciplined energy.

For more details on Ellie Goulding or to get tickets go to

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This week we go around the globe….twice. From New York to London to Los Angeles, and more stops along the way. Some of the many celebs that appear in the video are:

Megan Fox
Wesley Snipes
Robert Pattinson
Kim Kardashian
Sylvester Stallone
Jessica Alba

It was a very busy week in the world of celebrity fashion news and you can bet that there is more business to come as the fall collections are hitting the runways for the final shows, while other lines are already posting their new style pieces to department stores and other haute couture outlets. As we gear up for the back to school season on North America and Europe, stores are seeing a busy influx of shoppers coming through the doors.

Some of the highlights include the Ninja Turtles Launch in LA:

Ninja Turtles

Interviews with the Mexican Reality TV Bachelor and Bachelorettes:

The Bachelor

The Roland Mouret Banana Republic Show:

Roland Mouret Banana Repbulic

Celebrity Fashion News from around the world:

Get your daily dose of celebrity sightings with Fashion One’s Celebs on File, having this week’s highlight to begin with Megan Fox as she goes ultra-glam in a white tiered Marc Jacobs dress and Christian Louboutin sandals on the red carpet premiere of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Beyonce and Jay Z attracted A-list audience for their On the Run concert in Pasadena. Cheryl Hines married Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in Massachusetts. Sylvester Stallone and his fellow action heroes took to the red carpet in London for the world premiere of The Expendables 3. Celebs including Oprah Winfrey, Nina Dobrev, Sean Bean and Young Jeezy promoted their various projects in Manhattan. Julianne Hough helped launched the new Roland Mouret collection from Banana Republic. Robert Pattinson was attentive to fans prior to his recent film The Rover. Moreover, Oscar Winner Marion Cotillard look lovely in a Christian Dior dress for the UK premiere of Two Days One Night.